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About Us – Hand-crafted Mattresses Made in USA
Sleep Better Tonight!

Our Mission

Madison House® is committed to producing excellent mattresses to serve the consumer, the community and the planet.


Based in Historic Sumter,  South Carolina,  Madison House® moved to their new factory in 2008. This state of art facility also includes two large showrooms for displaying the finished product line.

American Made

Madison House® uses the finest premium quality American-Made components in their mattresses. Our mattresses are hand-constructed and built with the insight of many years of mattress manufacturing. Quality is first and foremost.

Lean Manufacturing Technique

As an adherent of Lean Manufacturing Technique, our employees are involved at all levels of production helping look for methods to boost productivity and improve quality. They take pride in their craftsmanship and it shows in our quality

Green Manufacturing

We are proud to say that as a Green manufacturer Madison House® believes wholeheartedly in recycling and conservation.

From plastic packaging, foam and fabric cutting scraps, to cardboard and wood, we generated very little non-recycled waste. Our factory conserves energy by using natural skylights throughout the factory.

Company Future Plans

Our future plans include improving on our core beliefs of producing our products locally and emphasizing green technology.

And most of all, we will keep our promise to our customers to provide the best products at an affordable price.

Sooo comfy.

Sooo well-made.

We make more than mattresses. We make healthy.

One of the elements of a healthy and balanced life is a good night’s sleep. Here are some reasons you must get your nightly rest.

A good night’s rest gives you—

  • A Better Immune System

Getting a good night’s sleep is how you boost your immune system. Past studies have shown that people who rest better at night are less likely to suffer from minor health issues due to their improved immune system.

  • Improved Performance

A good night’s sleep also helps you improve your performance and stamina. When resting comfortably, your body can build muscles more effectively. and gains the ability to produce more energy through improved body metabolism.

  • Good Focus and Creativity

Getting enough rest at night also sparks creativity during the day. Once again, the optimum regeneration of cells is the reason behind this benefit.

  • Weight Management Benefits

When you sleep at night, your body processes fat better. When you don’t, your body uses more of the stored energy than normal.


A good night’s sleep brings even more benefits you don’t want to miss. But it all starts with getting a good mattress to improve the quality of your sleep. That’s why we do what we do here at Madison House.

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